The Procida Film Festival has always aimed to encourage and promote young artists and directors to create amazing movies, shorts, and cartoons with a close tie with the sea and social topics.

The IX edition of the Procida Film Festival will take place on the Island of Procida from Sept 22 to Sept 25, 2021. While waiting to unveil the selection of the shortlisted movies and the complete program, the Procida Film Festival is happy to announce its international jury

  • President: Kathrina Miccio. Kathrina is a movie director, actresses and manager of cultural events and is based in USA
  • Member: Alma Saporito. Alma is a poetess and writer, and is based in Italy
  • Member: Signy Elka Kemple. Elka is a movie director and TV producer, and is based in Norway.
  • Member: Raffaele Rinaldi. Raffaele is an actor, musician, and manager of cultural events, and he is based in Italy
  • Member: Ignazio Senatore. Ignazio is movie critic, writer, psychiatrist, director of film festival called “I corti sul lettino”. He is based in Italy.

“We are very honored to have such a qualified and diverse jury: Francesco Bellofatto stated. “In few days, we will be announced the final program and shortlisted movies for the Xi edition of the Procida Film Festival. We will be waiting on the Island of Procida, Capital of Italian Culture 2022”