The Procida Film Festival 2021 and its hosts


Hoara Borselli, Noemi Gherrero e Beppe Convertini

Procida Film Festival 2021 will be hosted by Hoara Borselli, Noemi Gherrero and Beppe Convertini

The evening of 22 September 2021, the first day of the Procida Film Festival, will be presented by Hoara Borselli.

Hoara Borselli is a well-known TV commentator and established presenter. Very active on social media, where she loves to express her ideas without fear, she is followed and appreciated by the public.

Since 2019 he has been involved in multiple TV programs such as “Non è l’Arena” by Massimo Giletti on LA7, Quarta Repubblica by Nicola Porro on Rete 4 and others.


The evenings of 23-24-25 September of the Procida Film Festival will be presented by Noemi Gherrero

Noemi Gherrero graduated in International and Diplomatic Relations at the L’Orientale University of Naples and is a well-known actress, host and godmother of cultural, social and entrainment events.

She has never stopped thinking that his academic education could have a significant impact on his approach to her work in cinema, fashion and entertainment. Noemi has already conducted several editions of the Procida Film Festival.


Beppe Convertini will host the evening of 25 September, the final day of the Procida Film Festival 2021, when the winners of the 9th edition will be announced.

Beppe began his career as a model for the greatest designers, in Milan, Paris, New York, becoming the testimonial of various national and international brands. Subsequently he participates in television, radio, theater and film productions

Today actor, TV presenter and radio host well-known to the Italian public, Beppe Convertini is hosting important Italian broadcasts such as “La vita in diretta Estate”, “Linea Verde”, “Azzurro-Storie di mare” e “Telethon”.